Thursday, June 29, 2006

Back to Square One

Illusions encircle my mind
Pretty things, hopes run behind
Promising myself on sand sunken
I am back to square one

I know, I can not live without
Music in mossy air, but I thought
I need you to fulfil myself
To understand 'me' a little help

Lightening without a thunder in sky
Beyond the realms of death I fly
Losing you almost closer to heaven
I am back to square one

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Choice and Chance

Arise my soul, rested in peace
For the glimpse of future
You dreamt before

Paved with philanthropic multitude
You arrested some parts
And pasted few new

Hope you seeded in
The lace that beaded
Rest of it was coated
Thats struck in my throat

This is not you imagined
Nothing much I can help
Promises are falcified
When you lose yourself

Friday, June 16, 2006

What "I" deserves

Don't be a slave of the heart
Don't let her harvest the art
Its for your good all this advice
Dont break and say they were nice

For a well prepared man like you
Or thats all you want to preview
Tongue tied in climax you felt
Was that a justice or an insult

Leaping the boudaries of commitment
Which blur the borders of purpose
Promises are more but when to expect?
Instead it is easy for you to lament

Act of disgrace my friend
I have the right to tell you
Because I stay in you all the time
And its time to KILL YOU

Friday, June 09, 2006

The GOD Complex

Another argument to pretend
Another need to roll up memory
Terminal stage remaining the same
Another view in water to subtend

Zapping across the ocean of loneliness
Stating jargon names as only guess
Relapsing often to retaliate the maker
Believing in past, riding the future

I missed so many steps in between
Merry and sorrow at cross nineteen
Where I was supposed to stop
Lost as a drifter without a map

Still keeping myself alive
Breathing very much, waiting to die
Responses just as conditioned reflex
Welcome myself to The GOD Complex