Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lesson for Me

See the light spread around you
wait for the waves to hit your ear
till the process ends everlasting
call of the mind is unanswered!
what if you are deprived of clarity
image, sound, mind in a ball!!
what if you have lost it all
never getting back again
what if i dont tell you the truth
even if you know it?! am i being ignorant?
am i being selfish or you are mocking at me?
don't give me smile when
i say that you can't see

Suicide Helpline

Omens are against
truth churned to finest
saving a life so precious
am i selfish oh god gracious

welcome new crisis
for fear no basis
all in the 'Iron' head
so kill the love bud

lend a helping hand
let both sink in sand
burn all the dreams
hear only screams

hand is tied no time to ride
am i alone? others on that side?
whom to call what to speak
what to hide when to seek

no more silence no more fun
need to discuss with someone
trust we need love we pack
to 'hope' we lead and get her back


Truth is hard to tell harsh to hear
My life is all about pain and fear
No timely chord played
wishes are ever delayed
lost you at the time i was about to get you
thats what i thought untill i met you
now at the hands and now not
fate made my believes rot
is it me who decides it
or am i just a misfit
My life goes on so do my lines
Things get stagnant and search for rhymes
Things start as none and end as one
so said all sadhu monks and nun
at last the time comes to sum up my views
about You and Me at Sunset with Dews
Wait till the time comes make no haste
I ordered myself to OBEY a REQUEST
realised late that it was too late
i lost you and was that my fate?
now that i know you we both are fine
i cannot grab you and make u mine
how can i tell you that i need you
will that be more selfish than "I Love You"
thinking of future lost in fear
losing you soon and Dying right here
My life goes on so do my lines
Things get stagnant and search for rhymes

InSANE advise

Pain gives you the insight
Fear makes you to progress
Ignorance gives you the success
listen listen you are born to fight

Days of merry are gone in youth
solitude is bliss it takes you to the truth

Think before agree
Think before you nod
but STOP thinking
and You Are God

My Message

Waiting here for a call
digging memory to recall

I see myself on a street
where all mischievous boys meet

Playing, fighting and get Scolding
Thinking, winking hallucinating

Wind from west blows beneath
Love,laughter surprise underneath

Touching my toes sweeping my nose
Instincts and Surprise they arouse

Teaching me how to dream for the night
Fearing myself when you're out of sight

I land myself on a nail blindfolded
TRUTH or KNOWLEDGE fully loaded

I was at the crossing making a choice
Silently walking raising no voice

A torpedo came and makes me to swirl
with gift of diamonds and costly pearl

I was still at the crossing waiting for call
all my life churned and painted the wall

I was bit dazed and bit confused
Still not ready to get amused

Starting may lure you but end is a Bane
All u need to know is I am in Pain


Yes, now i am here again
to show my face to share my pain
surprising it may be
for change did not happen
as it happens often
feels like going deep
write and delete is that all i need?
i ask myself and repent
so many categories and so many people
trying to conserve their boundaries
to rescue their identity and to feel safe
they strive and succeed
words do matter when they are not meant to be
feelings take over when they should not
slavery is a curse if i am aware of
i can be happy without knowing it
things are repeated coz there ain't no new
"it is already said" as sabbath said
old memories and new people
is all i have and all i need
sticking to something won't make it new
i realised i believe
many things hurt and many humiliate
coz u are new to so many
but i should not forget
that i am searching for the same
not caring for name or fame
i create the path that i follow
i have no follower
i have no wish but i have a request
to live like a traveler

Succession Never Ends

There is a day, which
grants us the sigh
for all these breatholdings,
in fear, joy and surprise
holding the time,
colliding afar
with wishes it comes
with despair it goes
coz' it sees at distance
crawling nearby
hopes in vivo
sigh de novo


Lie for self, self respect
loosen it in all aspect
tie your tongue, thats all you need
hopes and hopes is all you feed
you know the truth, but you need something more
take along, to test the whore
anger is out, frustration is in
both helping your sin
will i get out of such a mess
and start life as fresh?
or i continue to tell the "hope"
yarn a tale without dope!
tools for the truth of wrong definition
am i searching in premonition
faking sage,pay no wage!
let my book of life tear page by page


Imitate me oh Lord
Imitate my way
'Coz I have no memory
of eternal sun ray
Imitate my words
'Coz I am all nerd
Keep me fooling Lord
'Coz I like it that way

When I see future in her eyes
I fear and hide myself away
All which can be done
to crack needs a whip to sway

Treat me badly my Lord
'Coz I dared to spit on you
For you created me, I know
also that you like to sue

With all the ego I face you
With all those fear I get back
With same smile you greet me
With same hand you hit me

Like a baby in her arms
A mother as she called
I kick you and you love me
I kiss you and you hate me

Same is with the nature
Who knows what u gonna get
But I fear looking in to her eyes
Where the root exists
Showcasing without a blink
You, Me and She in dead Ice


I feel often the void
Next to me devoid
Of someone whom I miss
I have not yet found

Waiting for the fill
Crusing for eternal guilt
Sappy ideas on run
Still waiting for someone

I realized many times
That lacuna beside me
Someone to lean on
Weep and wipe and just be

Wished for your presence there
To have water around the cape
Filling the pebbles in a broken pot
That has a wound about to gape

Question Remains and so the Lesson

Remembering the past
Coming over and over again
Never getting off the weakness
Even with realizing that it is

Suffer due to possession
Obsessed with what's not mine
Claiming the untouched
With all those in mind

When will I learn
To get out of this whorl
Is it a general trend
Till the end of this world?


Minutes Run
With Lots of Fun
A Dream at Horizon
Its All Yours or None

They Just Hold Back
All the Power Within
An Inner Urge to
Excavate Something

Not for Long, Not too Far
Drifted Lies a Moment Still
Blended with Choice and Chance
Resurges Soon at His WILL


Wrapped Around the Entrance
Hopes and Day Dreams
Living in the World
Across the Bridge and Streams

A Life with Joy and Blue Jay
Who is Holding You Back?
Do You Have the Patience?
Selecting Things Needed to Pack!

Planning and Management
MBA Boys Call it Something
Does it Matter Anymore?
When YOU are YOur Own Agent?

Where are You Now?
Where you Want to be?
How Much for Today?
How Much for Future?

I am Free to Ask Questions!
Truth, I have Tasted
Fear No My Mirage
Feel Free as Wasted!!