Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Message

Waiting here for a call
digging memory to recall

I see myself on a street
where all mischievous boys meet

Playing, fighting and get Scolding
Thinking, winking hallucinating

Wind from west blows beneath
Love,laughter surprise underneath

Touching my toes sweeping my nose
Instincts and Surprise they arouse

Teaching me how to dream for the night
Fearing myself when you're out of sight

I land myself on a nail blindfolded
TRUTH or KNOWLEDGE fully loaded

I was at the crossing making a choice
Silently walking raising no voice

A torpedo came and makes me to swirl
with gift of diamonds and costly pearl

I was still at the crossing waiting for call
all my life churned and painted the wall

I was bit dazed and bit confused
Still not ready to get amused

Starting may lure you but end is a Bane
All u need to know is I am in Pain

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