Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Imitate me oh Lord
Imitate my way
'Coz I have no memory
of eternal sun ray
Imitate my words
'Coz I am all nerd
Keep me fooling Lord
'Coz I like it that way

When I see future in her eyes
I fear and hide myself away
All which can be done
to crack needs a whip to sway

Treat me badly my Lord
'Coz I dared to spit on you
For you created me, I know
also that you like to sue

With all the ego I face you
With all those fear I get back
With same smile you greet me
With same hand you hit me

Like a baby in her arms
A mother as she called
I kick you and you love me
I kiss you and you hate me

Same is with the nature
Who knows what u gonna get
But I fear looking in to her eyes
Where the root exists
Showcasing without a blink
You, Me and She in dead Ice

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