Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yes, now i am here again
to show my face to share my pain
surprising it may be
for change did not happen
as it happens often
feels like going deep
write and delete is that all i need?
i ask myself and repent
so many categories and so many people
trying to conserve their boundaries
to rescue their identity and to feel safe
they strive and succeed
words do matter when they are not meant to be
feelings take over when they should not
slavery is a curse if i am aware of
i can be happy without knowing it
things are repeated coz there ain't no new
"it is already said" as sabbath said
old memories and new people
is all i have and all i need
sticking to something won't make it new
i realised i believe
many things hurt and many humiliate
coz u are new to so many
but i should not forget
that i am searching for the same
not caring for name or fame
i create the path that i follow
i have no follower
i have no wish but i have a request
to live like a traveler

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