Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Have I included this? This is an amazing documentary!

I cant believe some one can do a documentary like this!

Crazy to the core!

Overacting was not required!

A good script gone bad because of was okay sort of comedy but was really irritating to see lot of overacting by Tushar Kapoor and Arshad Varshi et al. Ajay Devgan and Kareen kapoor roles were good and good job. Nice music and okay special effects. Overall timepass (not good though) movie.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Change Came!

With Mr. Barack Obama becoming the 44th president of US of A, I feel really elated for the first time in adult life :)
He represents the culmination of all races! His mother having a mixture of native american, british and irish ancestry, his father an african, step father an asian and wife an african-american, high profile education and eagerness to work for the downtrodden has taken this genius to the highest level on this Earth. He is a gifted orator and I hope that he gets all the power and good wishes from his supporters (including me :)) to lead US of A and hence the world to a new political era which respects life, culture and religion along with uplifting science and spiritualism. A great challenge ahead but the decision made by north american people shows firmly that "it is still the place where dreams can come true"!
My strong anti-american sentiments were predominantly political and i believe BO will change it forever!

Monday, November 03, 2008


I hated James Cameron for the Titanic..but this one is Sci-Fi epic.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My foot!!! Left Foot!!!

Daniel again at his best!..but the true character i feel in the movie is his mother, very strong and dedicated wonder she won a best supporting actor oscar award for is such a beautiful and well carved ideal mother who just believes in her son..well..see the movie..u will find out..
but there is so much of contradiction in real life..Christy Brown's wife reportedly did not take care of him in later days..he resorted to drinking and smoking heavily. And is a quote by Brenda who played Christy's mother in the movie..
"(on her character in Casualty) Megan was the mother we all want, full of love and understanding, I'm none of that, I'm not a mother and never will be and I wasn't even a very good wife, I'm not even a good nurse to my father now he's old and frail. I'm much more rebellious that Megan. I couldn't do her job ever. Just go down to the hospital and watch what they do for an eight of the salary I earned pretending to be a nurse. It makes you blush. You break your heart with people being kicked in the teeth by life. I couldn't handle it, I'd be reduced to tears"..oh God..Movie and Life are so so different...

Not with a Happy ending! but a right one :)