Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Change Came!

With Mr. Barack Obama becoming the 44th president of US of A, I feel really elated for the first time in adult life :)
He represents the culmination of all races! His mother having a mixture of native american, british and irish ancestry, his father an african, step father an asian and wife an african-american, high profile education and eagerness to work for the downtrodden has taken this genius to the highest level on this Earth. He is a gifted orator and I hope that he gets all the power and good wishes from his supporters (including me :)) to lead US of A and hence the world to a new political era which respects life, culture and religion along with uplifting science and spiritualism. A great challenge ahead but the decision made by north american people shows firmly that "it is still the place where dreams can come true"!
My strong anti-american sentiments were predominantly political and i believe BO will change it forever!

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