Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Message to Samara

Encircling clouds of merry times
Leaves happiness around
Fragrance of smooth remarks
Spreads, spills but its bound
There is no us, but you and me
wondering how to fit the maze
Shining glimpse of little laughter
loosen hair comes a bit after
Woven facts never betray you
Dewdrops, winter never call you
Lucid hangouts left unknown
Thoughts derail but no one is out
Little we know about ourselves, my friend
Let little rest but not jest
Easy may it be to inflict pain
With laughter you have more to gain

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I want to forget it

Struggle constant
With in me
To overcome myself

Hatred towards oneself
Is paying off quick success
Define random things which
Never make sense
Devoid of the boundaries of
Obligation flies high
Distant black holes scream
Desperate to swallow something
Will I satisfy them or me
Questions stand I go blind

Deeper secrets are rotten
Over and over again, time
"I love you, you heal me
is what I say" says mary jane

Lure, bane constantly haunt
Killer is near his grave
Trust is about to get breached
As the root of soul is being reached


Lost in a second, gained through struggle
Muddle up things which you can jiggle
Loosen strings which you cant handle
Ashes burn defying all the senses

Memories are rotten, death is hated
Love is no more, again you are baited
Absorbed in yourself blinded by hatred
You seek the truth but end up departed

Queries entwined with emotions burn slow
The threads of a good life are about to go
Create some new is whats on the mind
Will I be let to be of that kind

Jealousy, obsession, possessive compassion
Bleed me inside replace my semen
Lured of some answers which wont matter anymore
I come in circles as if its an ordeal

Write up, scratch up, build up again
Suffer, get insulted, I deserve the pain
Not willing to learn, not willing to obey
I am here again with convoked dismay