Saturday, April 05, 2008

Perpetual Desolation

Seemingly unending
Habbit of destruction
Getting entangled
In the web of unknown

Defining the words as easy
Destroying the one who is lazy
rhyming endlesslessly
recording for futile reasons

Who is gonna read all this
who is there exept me
the one who fills everyone
has emptied himself in me


Cilly said...

yep currently, i have also read it... so, desolation becomes an illusion as u have perceived..

Ankhagrass said... its true sense!
i have no choice!

Cilly said...

he he... still its u who has perceived, so the self is still der, intact and unaffected.. so the choice is still der...

Ankhagrass said...

choice is an illusion!
but yes..if u dont perceive that u can make a choice(even if there is nothing like that) this world will not function!
the actions we do no matter might be important to some extent we often forget so many controlling mechanisms outside which are far wide than we might its with that our choice leads to change or not.
we are still affected unknowingly..we think we are making choices..but how can we rule out the possibility that someone is controlling our capacity to make choices (pure formal thought!)..
if u get free..see the movie..No Country for Old Men

Cilly said...

yep... comment itself is better...atleast we can choose to comment... he he..;)

Nisha said...

Once upon a time secrets were cheap, easily bought and
easily spent, moving angelically through the agency
of the mouth, until the day a secret swept up to the lips
that could not be told, capsizing as it would
everything, so the secret stayed inside, and rose in
value, until it sank and became
a lake, keeping its decorous hem, contained by law
more persuasive then the laws
of spilling over…
(“The Secret” - Donna Stonecipher)