Friday, January 02, 2009

Disenchanted Mystic

World is very very sarcastic, narcissistic and at the same time mosaic. Faith, love, betrayal all intervened.
Over past few days I was reading about Georgia-Russia conflict, Lebanon-Israel-Syria-PLO conflicts..Its all murky, no one is ideal, no one has one particular moral set of values, it is all according to the circumstances. So it really matters who is leading because it is they who make rules (convenient to them). Very alarmingly evolutionary!!

But to pick out those which matter justly is what we need to do. Who decides whats right? Unbiased one..hardly in good number.

Welcome to Leaderless world..or rather just like our superspecialization we have superspecialized leaders.

It is easy to be pessimistic and leave this life as soon as possible..but I will be missing out whats to be human..the pain, love and other emotions, more over how they can be twisted, nationalized, marketted which I think is unique to humans :)

Happy new year to all. Let your dreams come true if they are righteous.

I am starting this new year with a Movie :) a documentary rather "man on wire" and hope to get inspired and lead a positive life.


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