Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trip to venice-Part One

Place: IGI airport, Delhi.
As usual I was late for packing..but interestingly i left NBRC on time..to say exactly at 24:00k. Boss was already pissed off, I could not give the data he wanted. At last he had a look at my poster printout and did not comment..that was more than I expected..
Driver ajit was as usual before time..I wonder how these people :) can do this! Was running around till last minute. some gel extraction in lab, print outs. With lots of worries still in my head, i jumped on to ajits' car and started calling parents, wife ans sister that I have left. I am sure they were happy, because this time i left on time.
I have a record actually, I alone always was late for almost any kind of transport. I missed a flight once and waited at airport overnight to catch the first flight next day :) that was cool actually, i bought "India after Gandhi" by R Guha. It is still a nice read.
Airlines and check-in did not object to my poster holder. However, customs people suck! One guy was wondering how did i manage to get inside without immigration clearence, I told him, no one asked me to :0 wait..another one exactly when i stood before him told me that he wanted to go for tea-at 1.30 in night. Another one asked me detail questions on epilepsy :)..was feeling like a viva..but he did not however create troubles..and I got the stamp required.
When I got pass the security check and was asked to wait at gate number 6 for the airlines, I saw airtel-world calling card. (my friend tells me now that its not that good), however i want to justify my spending by assuring myself that i would utilize it fully (rate is 9 rupees per call)..well the bad thing here was if u pay by indian rupee it is 500 and he asked me 10 euros..thats woffing 100 bucks more..infact later I found out that i overpaid 1.5 euros..thats like 90 rupees..but its okay now..I know how quickly i can lose money..will be careful onwards..I have started keeping a spending details.
My suggestion..before checking in please get some cash (say 1000 rupees or so) there is no ATM after security check and if u dont have indian currency..u have to pay through euros..which is stupidity and blatantly wrong. In India after security check in you cant get INR..totally unaccetable..
Also i dont understand why cant we pay by debit card at Forex..u need cash there..
I am feeling hungry now but I did have dinner. May be because i am awake and using free internet by airtel at IGI :)
So..I am waiting here for the flight which is supposed to depart by 5 AM today..so i guess i will do time pass for another 1 hour and probably they will start boarding procedures.

Next post..if i get free wifi..then from Istanbul..otherwise paid wifi at Venice-YHA Ostello Gioventu :)


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chinmoyee said...

that was a hilarious start :)